3 ways on how to survive your first baby shower

Baby showers are a wonderful special event, but it can be a daunting idea for any woman attending that has not got kids of her own, or isn’t even close to expecting - especially being surrounded by the other mums and mums-to-be. To calm your nerves, here is a guide on how to tactfully survive the baby shower by getting yourself fully prepared.

Bring a thoughtful gift

Whether this is the biggest event of the year or a small low-key event, your baby shower gift doesn’t have to be the most extravagant, if so far from it at all; this certainly will not determine your true friendship. Ask yourself what would go down more as a treat for the new born? A cute pair of Alexander Wang sandals costing you a damn small fortune, or the most practical gift a mother could ask for – some necessary and emergency essentials? The second option of course will always be the winner. If you’re running up for the “friend of the year” award, then adding a personal touch to your gift will definitely get you up there and most likely 1st place. Even though the newborn won’t appreciate your extra paid for customization, it will be meaningful to the mother whether it’s humorous or a loving message, it will help brighten her day when she may be having a hard time – earning you top brownie points.

Stay within a two drink minimum

If the mum-to-be knows her friends and is considerate of you all, alcoholic beverages may be provided most likely. Yet if you can remember your best friend to have enjoyed her sangria and kebabs shop before she got pregnant, you’ve got to be considerate back and not get wasted – even though it’s easily done when alcohol is free and it’s being dished out. If the drinks are provided, it means that just because you’re not in her shoes doesn’t mean that you have to sit and drink pineapple juice, just stay within respect to the mum-to-be.

Do not go in your brand new expensive gear

Even though this sounds like a perfect time to show off to all the girls, it’s also a disaster waiting to happen for any whites you intend on wearing. No shadow of a doubt there will be at least one small bundle of joy that’s been brought a long and you may just want a squeeze. However, It’s all fun and games until your Versace blouse is covered in the afternoon feed. If there is more than one – you could be in for a real wild time, so I’d bring some wet wipes in case things get messy!

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